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Come join our growing flock of grooming specialists. We’re hiring stylists & barbers who are seeking a salon environment worthy of your special skills.

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Authenticity Starts With Us

Get back to the basics with a modern twist with a career at Roosters. Here at Roosters we pride ourselves on providing a classic, reminiscent barbershop experience for our guests while also empowering you to use modern grooming techniques to meet the unique needs of every guest. Come join the team that celebrates both individuality and the pursuit of making every guest look and feel like the best man they can be.

Here’s Why Stylists and Barbers Love Working Here

"You get to grow your skills and become a master at your craft. Lots of education. You also don't have to rush people out of your chair. It's quality over quantity here."
"Opportunities to move up with hard work and it’s recognized."
"Great clientele, excellent support and training guided by Management. Establishment is well built and very easy to build a clientele if you are motivated and dependable."
"Clients are generous and appreciate superior service. If you are willing and motivated to build your clientele you will succeed if you show up to work.”
"I admire Management and am thankful for their generosity and dedication to furthering our careers."

The Experience Brings Them Back

At Roosters our customer retention rates are high because we provide an authentic barbershop experience in a modern and upscale environment. Our stylists & barbers hold their work to the highest standards and provide guests an escape from their busy lives. Exercise your skills and build a clientele in our busy, full-service grooming centers.

Why Join the Roosters Team?

Roosters is as great a place to work as it is to get your hair cut. We offer a professional environment, ongoing training & education, and career advancement opportunities -- along with competitive pay & benefits. You’ll love being part of our flock.

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    Grow Your Expertise

    Roosters is an active, full-service grooming center. This will drive you to expand your knowledge by servicing a range of clients in need of different services and styles.

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    Built in Clientele

    Being a barber at Roosters provides you with an immediate, steady stream of repeat clients. Enjoy focusing on your craft and providing exceptional service while our reputation will bring guests to your chair.


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If you’re ready to style your future at Roosters chat with our recruiting assistant, Olivia. She’ll help you find the right role, guide you through the application process, and answer any questions you might have.

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